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Quick Descriptions:

  • EDEN is a simulator , that manages to be fun and interactive with its simple but great interface design and game mechanics.
  • The player controlls a planet divided in multiple continents each continent with its own civilization.
  • The main aspects or sim mechanics of EDEN are:
    • Time, in EDEN each day passes at 0.248 seconds in real life, each month has 30 days and one year has 12 months.
    • Planet, planets can varry in many ways:
      • Environment, is random within a range of 7 types of climates.
      • Name, the current name library is composed of 21 simple names.
      • Size, is also random and can have a value from 25 to 150.
      • Resources, are random but within a range defined by the planet size.
      • Continents, are also random 2-3 influenced by the planet size.
    • Points, points are not a way to track the players score, but to help the player manage his civilization, points can be:
      • Social points, help the development of politics and culture.
      • Fate points, decide the religion spread or ideology.
      • Science points, help unlock new technologies.
      • Production Points, influence the industrial development of the civilization.
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